Embroidered and screen printed custom clothing for sale online : www.studiopractice.biz

Group exhibition and affordable artist made goods - 1 month holiday pop up market with Dylan Musler & Taehee Wang

In Times Square, the mecca of digital displays, Victory Theater Video Art--named in homage to the first ‘smut’ theatre on 42nd Street--presents diverse approaches to the moving-image by contemporary artists. Curated by Colby


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Street performance for The Garment District Arts Festival @ Broadway and 38th St NYC

Performance for Jia Jen Lin's 'Manufracture Series' 2016
@ Temporary Storage, Brooklyn Fire Proof, New York

Roving performance of Beige Face @ 1 World Trade Canter 64th Flr, NYC


Directional Performance @ Panoply Performance Lab, Brooklyn

wolfOfWallSt with Nick Millen

Stream of conscious navigating through facebook
danced + shot  by Lauren Geiger
edited + video composition by Colby Cannon 

Hundreds of artist CVs cast into the National Gallery of Victoria's water feature pond.

SCIFI 8 days in 2009

SCIFI is a whatever happened film shot over 8 days in Melbourne, 2009. 24hrs a day with no script, plot, or defined roles just the umbrella theme of Sci Fi and who shows up - cameras rolling, on location, press and point. Four years later the recordings edited into a feature somewhere between science fiction, video art, documentary and home movie. SCI FI is low fi and stupid, non sequitur, ridiculous and intense.
Some people travel through life making friends wherever they go, while others — just travel through life.              Buster Keaton
We’re fucked, we’re all fucked, and no one will save our souls. We can’t save each other (or so we say, over lunch). We surrender ourselves tortured, stretched taut above the ocean. Transatlantic. This is what it feels like when the plane we’re flying finally crashes, and yet we’re almost calm, collected, wading through waves of crystal-blue tranquillity. A response by Beau Anthony Deurwaarder. The Identification of Meaningful Irrelevance: Now
installation documentation - Albury QView

studio process - wood, paint, saran wrap, leaf blower, video

PLaY Album Launch  - The Moral of Coincidence

free apple if...
                       video process; ask passer bys to balance an apple on their head

 The Fear of Letting Go - opening night intervention/duration performance

                                         Three performers introduce themselves to a stranger in the gallery. At the moment of shaking hands the performer drops to the floor completely limp except for the appropriate grip of a handshake. The gallery patron is in control of how long the performance continues - when the grip is broken.

Street Flag - a banner for multiculturalism and seagull shit in Footscray, Melbourne.
Z FROG & the FLY
Berlin 2012

Construct of the Corporeal - random exhibition promo vid

Serbian cosmonaut - Belgrade 2012

Collaborative animation with Rebecca Blunden produced in Berlin 2011

Lodz Poland 2011

Medium Arts Warehouse, Brunswick, Melbourne 2008 - 2010
studio shot @ medium by Nick Kriesler

video - doing laundry with Georgia Lucy